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Let me tell you why choose swisswatchesdepot.com. Many different quality replica watches have been reproduced.One is Asian made with Asian ETA movement replicas, always in poor quality, non stable performance (Some stores sell the so called Swiss replicas for $100 or $400 you can easily know what they really sell); another is the Genuine Swiss manual Limited Replica watches and they are extremely rare and really hard to find. 

Ours are different from above 2 types, ‘Cause the movement of our watches is perfect 1:1 replications of original movements and come with genuine Swiss made pieces. Thus prices of swisswatchesdepot.com are unquestionably higher. Of course it is your choice on what quality to go for, decisions ultimately are based on price and what you can afford, but please keep in mind you will get the value as you pay for.



 Authentic watches

 Swisswatchesdepot.com Replica watches

 General Replica watches


 Genuine calibers movement

 Swiss cloned calibers movement

 Low-cost made movement with nonstable performance

 Time Accuracy

 -3/+5 seconds per day COSC certified

 -5/+6 seconds per day with in COSC  certification limits

 -9/+10 seconds per day limits


 Sapphire crystal with Anti reflective coating

 Scratch-proof and anti reflective  Sapphire crystal, Excellent Hardness, anti-Aging, anti-corrosion. (Same shape,  thickness as genuine)

 Bad scratch-proof; or    Mineral glass with good scratch-proof,  general vertical attack resistance


 Fixed smooth, or with diamonds inlaid, or  Rotated 

 Fixed or Rotated (Same  structure and Pearl  design as Genuine)

 Scabrous bezel, gloomy lustre  


 Genuine elaborate dial

 Detailed hands, prints, engravings and  inserts (98% same as genuine.) Correct  font & size day-date wheels

 Not very clear  prints and engravings;  nonstandard and careless font & size

 Luminous Markers

 Genuine Lumen

 Luminova or Superluminova paint, Swiss  made Lumen(suitable  luminosity and last for  long time)

 Ordinary Luminous paint(Shimmer and short  duration) 


 Real Diamonds

 Real Moissanite or Swarovski Diamonds

 Fragile glass or common gems stone

 Weight and Touch

 Genuine with its weight and smooth solid  touch

 Exact to original, 98% same weight and  smooth solid touch

 Lighter and not very smooth solid feel

 Stainless Steel

 316L/904L Steel

 316L/904L Steel

 Other low-grade Steels with low corrosion resistance

 Gold Models

 18K Solid Gold

 316L/904L Stainless steel with 18K Gold  thickly coating

 Impure Gold plated thinly on Stainless steel


 Waterproof within the manufacturer limits

 Waterproof 30-100m;  Submariner models  up to 200m

 Poor waterproofness( easily bad after  contacting with water)


 Serviced Per 2 years in Genuine service  (IWS). Cost range from $300 to $1200

 Serviced Per 5 years in any Swiss watch  Service or watch shop. Cost from $100 to  $250

 Serviced Per 1-2 years in any watch shop.  Cost from $20 to 80$

 Brand new Bracelet

 From $1,000 to $9,000

 From $150 to $300

 From $30 to $100

 Brand new Movement

 From $3,000 to $60,000

 From $350 to $1200

 Less than $200


The annotation for Waterproof:

- 3ATM or 30m waterproof means daily use, it doesn’t matter for rain, washing face or hands, but not allowed to swim or let it soaked in the water.

- 5ATM or 50m waterproof means it is allowed for short-time swim on shoal, not for diving or snorkeling.

- 10ATM or 100m waterproof means it is suitable for swimming or snorkeling (not recommend though).

- 20ATM or 200m waterproof means it is allowed for some sports in high impact force or diving.

Note: the chlorine from swimming pool and the salinity from the ocean are bad for watch (outer parts and O-ring); please make it serviced in time. 

All the watches are not allowed to wear when bathing, swim or sauna, because steam is hard to prevent. Maybe one time is okay; it doesn’t mean that it won’t be broken next time. Watch originally is a precise instrument, better to take care of it. If some fogs inside, you can use dry towel to wrap it up, then use blower to make it drying; If serious, please take it to the watch shop for mending timely, otherwise it will lead to corrosion, ignored, the corrosion will became worse, the movement became broken completely at the last.